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Well-Being in a Box

As part of the Be Well Sacramento community initiative, we strived to create an easy way to take the experience home. Thus, the Be Well Box was born!

We sourced high-quality, California-made wellness products and curated them into a personalized package for anyone to take home. Opening the box is like an at-home version of walking into UHHQ — sleek and unassuming on the outside, intentional and experience-driven on the inside. We even added some Tap Tech so customers had an easy way to enjoy our Sound Therapy sessions at the same time as their new products!

Check out this video of our CEO and Co-Founder, Roshaun Davis, opening up his first box:

Ready to experience the Be Well Box for yourself? You can pick one up and shop all of our Be Well Sacramento products at UHHQ in Oak Park or online at Display: California.



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